By Roleplayers

For Roleplayers


Thank you for your interest in FoxRP! This community has come together in order to bring our long running passions for RP to an audience in need of options when it comes to style and theme. While there are several great options for RP out there, we wanted to add another opportunity to find like minded RP’ers and make new friends and content that is entertaining and engaging.

Our current admin team has years of experience in RP. From Arma, to GTA, to Ark, Tabletop and more. We have helped create rules, builds, and content for many other servers and want to see what we’re able to do with our own server. This server should be friendly to both content creators, as well as those new to RP who may need a little guidance.

Things may be a little bumpy as we get started, rules may need adjusting, staff may need to increase, builds may need to be reduced. But as long as everyone is patient and understanding that this is a new endeavour, we should be able to create experiences that we all look back on fondly in the future.

As an RP community we believe it's good to work together! So if you haven't already you should check out these other great RP communities: