ark Rules

Welcome to Fox RP! Below you will find this seasons details and rules to fit the theme. The rules and theme this season have been carefully planned out by a group of Roleplayers to help enhance your Roleplay experience! So be sure to read carefully before submitting your application and remember when you’re on the server just HAVE FUN!


|Fox RP Season 7| Valguero|

Fox RP season 7 will be an ‘Open Season’ on Valguero meaning, No restrictions, limits or roles, just RP with the basic RP rules which can be found below.

General Rules

1.  It is a player’s duty and responsibility as requested to read ALL rules and seek clarification if needed. All rules are subject to change at the Admin teams discretion.

2.  Roleplay OR Chat activity that in any-way violates the Twitch Terms of Service OR Discord Terms Of Service is strictly Prohibited.

3.  Be respectful to your fellow Roleplayers in and outside of roleplay! Hate speech or harassment of any form (Racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, sexual harassment or abusive language) will not be tolerated!

4.  You are required to be a member of our Discord once in the discord your name must match the format below:       
Twitch Name(Character Name)


5.  For Player reports or general inquiries/support, you can use the correct procedure laid out in the discord channels provided!


If you can see an Admin in the Admin voice channels this means that he/she is available to speak with you and all you have to do is jump into the “Waiting for Admin Channel”


If there are no Admins in the Admin desk then this means that there are no Admins currently available so you either need to submit a SUPPORT TICKET or a PLAYER REPORT and the admins will handle it as soon as they can!




Remember they are volunteers and may have real life to deal with.

6.  As with any player reports it is better if you can provide proof of the situation for it to be handled correctly and efficiently. It is highly recommended that you record your gameplay if you do not stream but that is up to you! However, you are not permitted to use another streamers’ VOD unless you have their express permission/consent to do so or you may end up getting warning points yourself.


(Admins are allowed to use streams and Vods under points investigation)


All player reports submitted by form will be kept anonymous however if you choose to submit a report using the Admin voice channels aka the salt rooms your identity in that situation may not be hidden.

7.  We will NOT tolerate ANY Erotic RP (ERP), Grotesque or Explicit RP on this server!


This includes:

A.  (ERP) Explicit references to sex or sexual acts, the descriptions of sexual acts, nudity (Like a painting on a wall) and all other forms of sexual Roleplay.

B.  Graphic references or RP related to suicide or rape will land you a permanent ban!

C.  Torture or any other forms of Gory RP will ONLY be allowed if ALL parties involved consent OOC.

8.  Most of our admins are also players, so during those times that they need to step out of their RP to assist a player or take care of an admin issue we ask you to simply ignore them. You will know if they are acting in an admin capacity because they will be wearing a baseball cap.

9.  NO disputes in discord! All complaints or disputes should be taken to ADMIN only!  Let’s keep the discord channels a pleasant place to chat. If anyone is found arguing or instigating an argument/dispute in the discord channels they may be subject to a 24 hour Ban/Cooldown.

10. Age Requirement- due to legal reasons the required age to play on Fox RP will be 16. If you are suspected of being underage you may be asked to submit I.D or proof of age!

11. If you’re playing a character under the age of 17 down to 13 you are classed as a “Teenager” and must have a [t] before your name, example [t] Bob Memer. If you’re playing a character under the age of 12 you are classed as a “Child” and must Have a [c] before your name for example [c] Bob Memer. We have done it this way so that if you’re a teenager you may app with a “Role”. If you’re under the age of 12 we don’t believe realistically you would have much work ethic! BUT we do not in any way disapprove of you becoming an apprentice within RP. Teens and Children SHOULD NOT be having romantic relationships with adults or each other, anyone caught doing so will be punished accordingly.

12. Character names- You are not permitted to use special characters or numbers in your name, for example, you can not be named *”_B08 MeM3r_”* It would have to be Bob Memer. All in-game names must use the name you applied with.

13. Server restarts and crashes- You can not use a server restart or crash to your advantage. For example, if the server crashes and you were in an active RP situation you may not leave! You must wait for all parties to load back in and continue the RP. FoxRP is not responsible for any items lost during a restart, crash, or server rollback.

14. Do not use any form of exploits or glitches, if you find any please submit a Support Ticket.  But be aware the ARK is full of bugs and glitches and most do not have a workaround or solution so we may not always be able to help.  

15. To play on Fox RP you need to be understood verbally by other players,  although English doesn't need to be your first language but you will need to be able to speak it fluently enough to be understood by other players. You must also have a decently clear sounding microphone.  Voice modulators ARE allowed but they have to sound clear and realistic. For example, If you sound like you’re ordering at a Wendy's drive-thru you’re going to have to fix it or not use your modulator.

16. No spamming music or obnoxious sounds over in-game VOIP unless all parties have agreed to this. Things such as singing and playing musical instruments are absolutely ok.


17. Radios ARE Allowed this season, Global channel will be channel number 1, Just please remember you won't actually know someone by name or appearance until you've actually met them and you cannot meta their name on the radio chat.

RP Rules

1.  Character Perma death

No ONE character can force you to permadeath in any situation this is down to your discretion.


2.  Character Creation

Try and create your characters realistically and close to the role you are playing, for example: If you are playing a child you can’t be the Iron Giant, you must be childlike in size and features. Please do not roll a character from Movies, Books, TV, or History. Be original with your character’s name. Please roll theme appropriate characters: A spaceman living amongst Vikings is not acceptable.

3. Character Re-roll
If your Character is killed within Roleplay and you decide to perma death and re-roll into a new character, you may not choose a character that has the mentality of avenging your previous characters death.


4.  Rafts & Boats

Please keep in mind the stress boats and rafts can have on the server, please do not clutter the map with these.


5.  OOC Rule (Out Of Character)

Out of Character is when a person refers to something that wouldn't exist in that specific setting or referring to something outside of the game. OOC can also be when someone changes their characters behaviour and language/accent in a moment of rage. This is NOT allowed.

6.  Metagaming

Metagaming is when you use outside information in an RP scenario that you have not gained in-game. I.e: Using info that you saw on a stream or posted in discord. Stream Sniping to find a player in-game is also completely unacceptable and will be punished as a metagaming offence.

7.  Power Gaming

Powergaming is when you use something that isn’t possible to “win” in an RP situation. For example: “You can’t kill me because I have an invisible knife to your throat!” or “ I am a god and therefore am invincible” Another example of powergaming is forcing RP onto someone else, RP must be created organically not forcefully.


8.  NLR Rule

NLR or NEW LIFE RULE: When your character dies you must wait 15 minutes to return to their point of death, unless told that you can re-enter the RP scenario. This only applies when in an active RP situation, otherwise if you die to the environment you may return to your corpse at any time.


9.  NVL Rule

NVL or No Value of Life is a failure to value your life, from a character’s point of view they only have one life and must value their life. For example: If you are surrounded with guns/bows pointed at your head or you are bola'd, you wouldn’t pull out a gun/bow and start shooting because then you would die instantly. (you aren’t a wizard harry) Use common sense when in situations and Always value your life.


10. RDM Rule

Random Deathmatching is in no way acceptable, RDM is when you kill/harm another person without reason or prior interaction/RP leading up to their death. An example of RDM would be: Just shooting Toast in the face because he has extremely bad taste in memes.

11. Communication

You may NOT use Discord, Teamspeak, or any other outside communications while in an RP situation, this can be considered metagaming and will result in punishment.
Additionally - Ravens (Discord DMs) are not allowed, we would like to suggest you use a messenger or emissary within RP if you wish to contact someone in game.


12. Building and Defenses

Wood and (when appropriate in theme) Metal spike walls are NOT permitted as permanent structures or fencing around homes as they also can cause client-side performance issues.

PvP Rules

How to Initiate PvP
You cannot assault or harm ANYONE without proper vocal initiation and roleplay leading up to the event from you or your group. Bolas DO NOT count as Initiation nor can you Kill a player who is bola’d they can only be used to capture a player and before you bola them your intentions must be clear.
This also goes for the person who is being bola’d. You must value your life and comply with your captor. You cannot attack someone while bola’d.
Initiated Roleplay will last for 15 minutes before you have to Re-initiate. (For example, you cannot leave and return 16 minutes later and directly harm the other person/s involved you need to re-initiate into the situation or this will fall under the RDM Rule break)


Mounts & PvP
You may NOT use mounts for PvP, nor can you use CKF morning stars to knock people out in PvP situations. Any tamable animal can be used for defense If you’re at war but they may not be ridden. You are also under NO CIRCUMSTANCES allowed to kill passive animals of any kind.

Under NO circumstance is KOS (Kill On Sight) Allowed! ALL PvP situations must be initiated prior to PvP.

Griefing will NOT be tolerated. Griefing is when you intentionally disrupt another players gameplay/roleplay. This may include things such as damaging property, affecting someone's taming process, being a nuisance, or not leaving when being asked to repeatedly.  We expect all players on FoxRP to respect each other.

Crime & Robbery
Crime and Robbery are allowed and in some instances welcomed because they drive RP. Robbing a person is permitted as long as you leave a note which either leaves a clue or some sort of evidence, that can lead back to you. Otherwise, this is no fun for the other parties involved and will be classed as griefing as it does not push RP and is senseless. Notes should read something like: “you find a ripped blue piece of clothing and some horse hair laying around the safe.” Something relevant to your character.

Raiding is permitted if there is a reason. Raiding must have progressed through storytelling and you must have a very good reason for it, you can’t just raid someone because they looked at you funny. When raiding you may create one new entrance which also has to be your exit. Keep in mind how much damage you do!  Excessive damage will count as griefing. For example “should I use an explosive in a crowded room full of furniture? Or should I just use my sword to break this wall/door?” Use your common sense….. Use the sword.
When raiding you can only break into 3 forms of storage for loot, you must also leave a note with a substantial amount of evidence that leads back to you.

Jail Time & Hostages
You can temporarily capture other players but they MUST be awake and can only be held for a maximum of 60 minutes, they must not be left unattended for more than 5 mins and must be provided with food and water. Please note if a player is handcuffed/bola’ed they cannot eat or drink.  Any imprisonment that requires longer than 60 mins (for example holding someone for trial) will need to be agreed upon OCC. Please note if you are a hardened criminal you should expect to be imprisoned and possibly executed.


You may not kill sleepers, they can be robbed for one item only. Please let them have their beauty sleep. You cannot drag a sleeper’s body unless given permission by the individual, an admin, or you are trying to help the person from not being killed(ex. game crashed in an RP scenario). To help a player simply put a tent down, you may not take the player back to your house.


Inactive Players

Only Admins can declare if a player is inactive. Players cannot demolish or inhabit an inactive player’s building. Players cannot kill, move, or reallocate an inactive player’s animals. Players cannot take an inactive player’s items from animals, buildings, or their body unless it is done by raiding using the raiding rules.


An inactive player is given this status by not logging into the server for 2 weeks straight. Admins will do a weekly cleanup of anyone that fits into the inactive player status. This is done to maximize server performance and free up space for new players to build. Your body will be saved and moved to a location that is admin locked in case you log back in so you will have some items. The admin team is not responsible for any lost items once a player has been given the inactive status.


If you find you need to take more than a 2 week break, please submit a ticket so we can save your stuff. We understand that real life things happen and would like to help you out by keeping your stuff. The process is not supposed to be a hindrance but more of a way to keep the server running smoothly.

Combat logging
Combat Logging ( leaving the server in the middle of an RP situation) OR Teleporting with a bed is in no way permitted, anyone who abuses these mechanics will be punished.

Armour Swapping
Armour swapping is not allowed in PvP, It’s not realistic for you to be changing your clothes mid fight and this is an RP server. However if you’re under siege and you have a medical camp/ outpost you may retreat and leave the scene to change your armour there.

Punishment System

FoxRP uses a point based punishment system, different offenses will earn you warning points, these warning points will be added after each offense. A total of 30 warning points will land you a Permanent Ban. Warning points do not carry over to each month. Warning points will be given out by the discretion of the admin team who will decide together what type of punishment will/should be given.


5 points can result in a 24-hr suspension.


10-15 points can result in a 3-day suspension.


20-25 points can result in a 7-day suspension.

Now that you've read our rules you should be ready to submit your application! Lets go!